Wednesday, June 17, 2009

RIP Tempe Arizona Mill Ave

Video by Peter Kosednar.

Downtown Tempe, Arizona is slowly dying. Mill Ave at one time was very busy. Today shops and restaurants are going out of business. City streets in the Tempe Mill Ave district area are all meter parking. Make sure to bring change for pay for your parking spaces. [video]

Make sure not to park in no parking zones. Illegally parked cars are being towed.

According to reports, someone was allegedly maced by a tow truck driver near Mill Ave last night. Steve Carbajal, Tempe Police Department, said he had no information on the incident.

Update: Sergeant Carbajal, Tempe Police Department, just followed up with me on my phone call to his department this am. According to the sergeant, no police report was made last night on anyone being maced.


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