Monday, December 23, 2013

Corralled By Police - May Day Protest 2012

Video taken by Peter Kosednar.

Corralled by Scottsdale Police Bike Unit on Camelback Road + Goldwater Blvd (just east of) on May 1, 2012.

Prior to this incident the driver (Chief) is believed to have attempted to run over multiple pedestrians with his car (Goldwater Blvd).

The semi-marked vehicle (no light bar) is a 4 door grey Ford Fusion with Arizona license plate number ASE 7048. The male driver has a mustache. He is wearing a police uniform, badge, name tag, gold color "eagle", two stars on each collar and a patch on both shoulders.

Chief Alan Rodbell was not on scene in a police vehicle during the march -- across from Fashion Square on Camelback Rd in the EB lane, according to Sgt. Mark Clark, public information officer for the Scottsdale Police Department.

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SPD Incident / Investigation Report: [document] Case Number 12-10086