Friday, June 10, 2011

Grand Canyon Mule Rides

Check out this mule train slowly going up the Grand Canyon's South Kaibab trail! These folks spent the night in cabins at Phantom Ranch near the Colorado River. The mules are taking them back up to the top of the canyon. Overnight rides include accommodations and meals. Overnight ride prices start at $420.09/person, including taxes.

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South Rim Mule trips may be booked 13 months in advance and fill up early. A waiting list is maintained for cancellations. Tip: Watch the weather reports and try booking a short notice trip during during snow storms or any times of bad weather. Plenty of people on vacations cancel when the weather is bad. Mule rides from the South Rim can be reserved through Xanterra Parks + Resorts Phone Number: (303) 297-2757. Video was produced on December 16, 2008.


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